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We helped Avant build a tool with React, Redux, GraphQL, and Serverless for Debt Sales.

Avant needed to be able to query there datalake with execlusion logic for debt buyers to buy bad debt. This app needed custom queries and needed to be lite weight and not touch existing apis or web services.

GraphQL, Apollo Server & Client

We used GraphQL and Apollo Server and Client to write a resolver to Avants datalake. Writing custom queries to execluded millions of records of loans to find bad debt to sell.

Serverless, React, Redux

We went with a Serverless architechture, using Amazon API-Gateway, Lambda Functions, DynamoDB, CloudWatch, and S3. The front end was a form that would execlude loans based on diffent execlusion logic which would hit custom GraphQL queries and return the results using GrahpQL subscriptsions.